Inexpensive vacuum cleaners in 2017? These are the top budget picks!

Not all of us can afford to shell out $500+ for a Miele or a Dyson vacuum.

Does that mean we have to be stuck with low-quality vacuums?

We don’t think so! There are a few budget models on the market which are real winners for value prices.

The problem is that these can be hard to find. So how do you sort out the gimmicky cheap models from the budget gems?

That’s where we come in!

Here at BestCheapVacuum.Club, we’ve made it our mission to find affordable options that are effective, durable, and versatile. We’ve done extensive research to narrow down the field and find the top options for your hard-earned money.

We chose our recommendations for their suction power, build quality, user-friendliness, and most importantly, buyer satisfaction.

Here on our homepage, you’ll find in-depth, comprehensive reviews of our 3 top choices under $100.

You’ll also find links to more of our guides to the best models under $200, as well as affordable vacuums for pet hair and cleaning your car.

Selected models:

– VonHaus
– BISSELL CleanView
– Shark Freestyle Cordless

Reviews of the Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

1. VonHaus

affordable recommendation

Our most affordable recommendation is the perfect choice for apartment-dwellers, or people who have mainly hard floors in their house.

The VonHaus is extremely budget-friendly, and has a better filtration system and a larger dust chamber than other cheap stick models.


Previous buyers said it’s surprisingly powerful. The 600-watt motor provides 130 air watts of suction power! That’s enough to pull dust and pet hair out from between floorboards, and from the corners of your rooms.

The 1.2 liter dustbin provides a lot more space than some other stick models. This makes the VonHaus a better choice for people with pets, as it can hold a lot of fur balls!

The 18-foot power cord gives you plenty of reach. That’s as long as the power cords on many full-size models!

Plus, the VonHaus is one of the only stick options to have a full attachment set. You can use it as a handheld unit, or with the included mini hose to use these add-ons. There’s also a dusting brush and crevice tool included in the box.

We particularly like that the VonHaus comes with a shoulder strap, which saves you from having to hold the canister in one hand as you clean with the attachments.

It’s one of the least expensive options on the market to feature full HEPA filtration! The sealed air system will trap airborne dust particles and allergens to keep your family healthier as you clean.

The wand is fully adjustable. Most options at this price have set wand lengths, which can be a pain to use if you’re taller or shorter than the average person. The VonHaus adjusts up to about 4 feet tall, including the canister unit.

It stands up on its own. That’s not an essential feature, but if you’ve used a subpar stick model, you know how annoying it is when it keeps tipping over. The VonHaus’s superior stability makes it easier to store, and helps to ensure that it won’t fall over and be damaged in the process.

There’s no maintenance or upkeep cost. You can wash both the HEPA filter and the sponge filter indefinitely, and there’s no bag to replace.


It won’t work on thicker carpets or rugs. That’s true of pretty much any stick model. The company does make an air-powered brush attachment available separately, but we found that most people who bought it weren’t that thrilled with its performance.

It’s quite loud. Since it’s all plastic and relatively lightweight, the VonHaus is basically an echo chamber.

2. Best Seller: Shark


best selling stick model

The Navigator Freestyle is Shark’s best-selling stick model.

It works on both carpets and hard flooring, and gives you infinite cleaning range, thanks to its cordless design. It’s our top recommendation under $100 for people who have a mix of flooring in their home.


It’s great for picking up pet hair. Consumer Reports awarded this Shark model “Best for Pet Hair” in the Stick Vacuums category!

The brush head is fully motorized. This means the Freestyle works much better than other stick models on carpets and rugs.

The brush head has a swivel neck joint, so you can easily maneuver around furniture, corners, and obstacles.

It’s cordless. That makes it so much more convenient for cleaning on stairs, around corners, and in far corners of rooms without lots of outlets.

We love the charging base, which doubles as a stand. Since the base automatically shuts off when the battery is charged, you don’t have to worry about leaving it there long-term.

Plus, it charges fairly quickly, within 4 hours.

There are two speed settings. One is a high-speed scrubbing setting for cleaning carpets and rugs. The other turns the brushes down to protect hardwoods and other bare floors. Slower brushes help it clean into the cracks of flooring without spitting grit out of the brush head.

The extra-large dust compartment will get through your entire house without needing to be emptied. Plus, it empties with the push of a button, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty!

It’s very light, weighing in at about 10 pounds total. That’s especially impressive given the powered brush head!

Overall, previous buyers said the Freestyle was surprisingly maneuverable, even for a stick model.


There aren’t any attachments included. You won’t be able to clean above floor level with the Freestyle. It’s also not great at cleaning into tight corners and edges.

The Freestyle has a mixed reliability record. Some previous buyers had issues with the batteries holding a charge, and had to ask Shark for replacements. While the new batteries were covered under warranty, reviewers said they took a while to arrive.

It feels pretty cheap. While reviewers didn’t say that it’s breakable, the plastic in the body is fairly light. You shouldn’t expect this to be a primary choice for a large house with deep carpets.

The brush head clogs if you’re not on top of cleaning it. Reviewers recommended checking it every few times you vacuum.

3. BISSELL CleanView


top quality vacuum

Our top quality recommendation under $100 is this new BISSELL CleanView.

With a wide, powerful brush head, it’s fully equipped for cleaning even the deepest carpets! It also comes with a few handy attachments for cleaning above ground and in nooks and crannies.

Plus, it comes with a longer warranty than our other budget recommendations.


The CleanView has a huge dust compartment. It removes easily, and lifts off with a handle on top. Then you can empty it by pushing a button over the trash can. The “CleanView” part of the design lets you see into the dust chamber, so you can easily tell when you need to empty it.

Several tiers of cyclonic suction means you’ll get incredible amounts of suction through the brush head. This is the same basic technology that Dyson uses in their $500 models.

This cyclonic suction also preserves filter life by drawing finer dust particles to the dust bin before air reaches the filter assembly.

The suction power combined with special tiered brushes produce BISSELL’s OnePass effect, which is supposed to finish the job on the first pass. Previous buyers said that claim held true most of the time.

The brush head is extra wide, helping you cover more ground at once. It has an adjustment dial with 6 height settings so you can suit the brush head to each type of flooring in your house. This helps the brushes work into carpets more effectively, and also helps it create a suction lock on each surface.

It cleans close to edges, with only a 3/4” gap. You can use the crevice tool to finish the job.

The CleanView comes with a turbo brush tool for cleaning carpeted stairs and fabric upholstery. It has spinning mini brushes for dislodging tricky hair deposits on cloth surfaces. It stores on the handle when you’re not using it. This is a great feature for pet owners on a budget!

The 25-foot power cord provides plenty of reach.

The CleanView comes with 3 attachments, including a standard dusting brush and crevice tool. The crevice tool stores inside of the extension wand, saving you space as you clean.

The foam filter is washable and reusable, so there’s no ongoing maintenance cost.

This BISSELL is covered by a 2-year warranty. While it’s made almost entirely out of plastic, previous buyers said that it felt sturdy and dependable.


The filter system isn’t completely sealed. While the BISSELL filters out lots of household allergens, it doesn’t qualify as HEPA filtration.

The attachment hose is only 6 feet, which can make cleaning stairs a bit of a hassle.

It’s loud, mostly owing to the hollow plastic body.

The brush doesn’t shut off for cleaning hard floors. This could be an issue if you have delicate hardwood flooring. Some reviewers found that the brushes spit pieces of dirt out on their hard flooring, even at the low settings.

Which Budget Vacuum Cleaner is for You?

If you have mainly hard floors, the VonHaus can get all your basic cleaning needs out of the way without breaking the $50 threshold.

It’s very lightweight, surprisingly powerful, and has a clever attachment set for cleaning above floor level and in tight spaces. However, it can’t handle any serious carpeting.

The Shark is our recommendation to people who have a mix of flooring types, in an apartment or small house.

Its powered head does a good job on both carpets and hard flooring. While the battery life does limit it for big houses, you can definitely get a few rooms done at a time. Just don’t plan on doing the whole house at once.

If you have lots of carpet, and a big house to clean on a budget, we highly recommend the BISSELL CleanView.

This model is the most powerful of our under-$100 choices, and can handle even the deepest carpets. It’s not ideal for hard floors, but does a pretty good job on the lowest setting.

Its full attachment set also makes it more of a whole-house model, since it’s more adept at cleaning stairs, upholstery, and corners.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Cheap Vacuum under $100

Keep it simple:

Quite a few budget options have fancy attachments and features that are supposed to perform just as well as high-end models.

However, we found in our research that most of them aren’t well-designed, and are pretty flimsy.

You want to be honest with yourself about what you really need, and avoid flashy gimmicks. You need one with powerful suction, a floor head that suits your house, and basic attachments (crevice tool, dusting brush, and extension hose/wand).

You can make any vacuum work for you as long as you’ve got those three things. In our book, it’s worth spending your hard-earned money where it really counts, not on an attachment that’ll be underpowered anyway.

Think about your flooring:

The biggest factor to consider when buying any vacuum is the type (or types) of flooring in your house.

If you have hard floors, you’ll want a wide suction head with soft brushes, to suck up all the dirt and hair on your floor without scratching the finish.

If you have carpet, you’ll want a powered brush head that can really dig into fibers and loosen hair and dirt. We recommend that people with a mix of flooring find one with a powered brush head that can be turned down, or turned off to work on hard floors as well as carpets.

Look for warranty coverage:

While models under the $100 mark aren’t going to come with long, 5-year warranties, we think it’s always worth it to find one with at least some warranty coverage.

Because quality control isn’t as impressive with budget models, there’s always a chance you could get a lemon that will let you down–even from a good brand.

Make sure you get at least a year of coverage, to make sure you don’t have to buy a replacement on your dime. After all, a $75 vacuum is cheap, but it’s a lot less cheap if you have to buy it twice!

Avoid bags and disposable filters:

The whole point of buying a cheap model is to save money. With that in mind, you want to find one with $0 maintenance costs.

Look for bagless options with reusable, washable filters. Bags and filters can get really pricey, and are unnecessary for most people.

If you’re a serious allergy sufferer, you might want to look at a bagged model. For the rest of us, bags are an unnecessary extra cost!

Stay away from canister vacuums:

We’ve found that canister models under $300 tend to be very unreliable. They have flimsy plastic hoses that crack easily, and cheap plastic wheels that can scratch your hardwood floors.

While canister vacuums are very maneuverable, we recommend stick vacuums to budget buyers instead. They’re just as maneuverable, and high-quality stick vacuums are much more affordable than a decent canister vacuum.

Our Guide to the Affordablet Vacuum Cleaners in Other Categories

Top Cheap Vacuums Under $200

If you’re prepared to spend over $100 on your new purchase, you’ll find bigger, more powerful options.

These models also come with better attachments, which aren’t as flimsy as the ones that are sold with models under $100.

There’s also a bit more variety in this price range, with lots of hybrid models combining the best of upright, stick, and handheld vacuums in one package.

One of our favorite options under $200 is this Shark:

favorite vacuum under $200

The Navigator Professional is great for people with a variety of flooring types in their homes.

In upright mode, it features a fully-powered brush head with plenty of suction power for pulling dirt and dust out from deep carpet fibers.

You can also use it in lift-away mode to clean your hard floors, with the Dust-Away attachment. This combines a vacuum with a microfiber sweeper pad to trap microscopic dust and allergens, while polishing your floors at the same time!

You can read our full review of the Shark Navigator Professional, and see the rest of our recommendations for a list of the best Vacuum Under 200.

Choice Cheap Car Vacuums

Cleaning out your car can be a real pain without the right vacuum!

Vehicles are full of nooks, crannies, and crevices that fill up with all sorts of dirt and grime. You need a powerful vacuum to suck up all the messes, and reach into those deeply-embedded spots.

However, it’s hard to find one that’s powerful, maneuverable, and agile enough to fit everywhere in your car. So we created a special guide just for car vacuums!

One of our favorite cheap car vacuums is the Eureka EasyClean:

budget friendly vacuum

At less than $50, this model is extremely budget-friendly!

It features a wide, powered brush head with an independent motor and a smart adaptive visor.

You can use the brush head on vertical and horizontal surfaces without sacrificing ergonomics! We love it for vacuuming car upholstery, as well as the rugs and fabric around the seat wells of your car.

We’re also impressed by the attachment hose on the Eureka, which helps you reach into all the tight spots of your vehicle. It’s also compatible with all standard-size vacuum attachments.

Read more about the Eureka EasyClean, and see our other recommendations for the Car Vacuum!

Shark Vs. Dyson: Which Has the top Budget Vacuum?

Shark and Dyson are two of the biggest vacuum brands on the market.

Shark has more of a reputation as a budget brand, while Dysons are usually thought of as high-end vacuums.

Are Dysons really worth the added cost? Are there inexpensive Dyson options available? How do they compare to the equivalent Shark models?

We answer all these questions and more in our special Shark vs. Dyson matchup page!

We’ve reviewed models from both brands in all the main categories, including upright, canister, stick, and handheld vacuums!

One of our featured Dyson models is the V8 Stick Vacuum:

stick vacuum with layered cyclonic suction

This stick vacuum uses a layered cyclonic suction system to produce some serious power!

It also features a motor-driven carpet head, which is more powerful than the full-size Dyson attachments! You can use it on all your different floors, or detach the floor head to vacuum above you.

We especially like the smart, ergonomic design of the V8 over the competition. It has a balanced center of gravity, and previous buyers said it’s much easier to use than other stick and handheld vacuums.

To read more about the Dyson V8 stick vacuum, and to see how it compares to Shark models, view more of our reviews on Shark vs Dyson.

Inexpensive Vacuums for Pet Hair

Pet hair is one of the toughest tasks for any vacuum.

Pet fur jams carpet brushes, clogs filters, and clings stubbornly to upholstery and carpeted stairs. To tackle it, you’ll need a vacuum that’s powerful, versatile, and very durable.

We know that most “pet” branded vacuums are too expensive for the average consumer. That’s why we’ve gone in search of the best vacuums for pet hair in the budget range!

Our guide to pet hair vacuums will help you figure out which features to look for, and show you a few vacuums that we think are real winners for conquering your pet hair problem!

One of our favorites for this purpose is the BISSELL CleanView Deluxe:

affordably priced vacuum for carpets

This powerful upright features strong cyclonic suction and a wide brush head for digging into the deepest carpet pile.

If you’ve got pets in a carpeted home, these are the two most important things to look for. We love the two types of bristles on the BISSELL’s brush roll, as you can change settings to scrub rugs or protect your delicate hardwood floors.

While the CleanView is priced affordably, it comes with a few smart features that make it feel more expensive and well-engineered than its competitors. There’s a power switch on the handle, a turbo brush attachment for upholstery, and automatic brush rewind.

You can find our complete, in-depth review of the CleanView, as well as our other top recommendations for the Vacuum for Pet Hair!