How to deal with problem pet hair

dog on floorWe love our furry friends but we don’t love the pet hair that comes along with them. Cats and dogs make fantastic companions but unfortunately their hair and dander can become engrained in carpets and rugs, and it can be extremely difficult to remove. While brushing it can remove most of the hair, it is a very labor intensive job and can be extremely time consuming too. If you, or any of your family, suffers from respiratory problems, asthma or allergies, removing problem pet hair is even more important to prevent unpleasant reactions that can impact on your quality of life. Here are some top tips for dealing with pet hair problems.

Using Dishwashing Gloves

Simply pop on a pair of dishwashing gloves, dampen them and rub your hands over your upholstery. The friction produced attracts pet hair, making your surfaces clean and hair free.

Rubber Broom

While you could use an ordinary sweeping brush to remove pet hair, the task is substantially easier if you opt for a rubber broom instead. The bristles use the power of static electricity to cause the pet hair to be attracted to the brush and off your carpets and upholstery.

Pet Hair Removal Mitts

Some manufacturers have now realised the need to remove the pet hair problem before it actually has the chance to come off your pet and onto your surfaces. They have therefore developed special pet hair removal mitts that can be worn while stroking your pet. These gloves have rubber bristles that feel nice to your pet and which also attract loose hairs at the same time so that your cat or dog will enjoy being pampered while you save yourself an extra job.

Lint Roller

A lint roller may be best known for removing fluff from your clothing, but it also works really well on pet hair. Lint rollers are not only reusable for great value for money, but they are also really easy to care for. Simply run your roller under a tap to get it clean ready for the next use.

Dryer Balls And Sheets

Dryer Balls And Sheets

If you’re having problems with loose pet hairs all over your clothing, you can pop some dryer sheets or balls into your tumble dryer with your laundry. This will work to remove static and loosen the clinging pet hair so that you can confidently wear your wardrobe.

Use A Fabric Softener

An alternative to using tumble dryer sheets is to put some fabric softener into your wash. This will combat the static cling which can cause pet hairs to stick to your your clothing so that your tops and trousers can remain hair free.

Frequent Grooming

If you have a long haired pet who sheds regularly, bathing them on a regular basis and brushing daily will help to catch any hair that is in the process of shedding before it can cover your furniture.

Use Your Hands

If you’re after an economical option and don’t have a lot of hair to clean up, simply put water on your hands and then wipe them over any item covered with hair. The hair will become heavier, forming a ball, and you can then remove it with ease.

Use A Vacuum

girl using vacuum

While using a vacuum to remove pet hair on your floor is an obvious choice, most people don’t know that they can vacuum their pet too. Invest in an attachment which enables you to collect any excess hair while brushing your pet. You’ll clean up much more quickly while preventing the worst of the shedding. You should also try to vacuum all of your floors several times each week as this will prevent accumulation of hair in the carpet’s fibers and give it a reduced chance of embedding itself more firmly.

If you need some advice about choosing the right vacuum cleaner to suit your needs, click on https://bestcheapvacuum.club and learn more about the top performing machines on the market. There are also many handheld units available for purchase which are portable and which can be carried easily around your home for quick clean up jobs. They can also be used outside the home, for example on your car seats when pets have been along for the ride.

Sellotape And Velcro Curlers

A low tech but surprisingly effective way of removing pet hair from your upholstery, carpets and clothing is to simply use some Velcro hair curlers. Rub them over any surface that you wish to de-fuzz and then use some sellotape to peel the fur off.

Use A Dry Sponge

It may sound counterintuitive but by using a dry, or slightly damp sponge, you can loosen dropped fur so that it can be collected and made into a ball.

Camouflage Techniques

If you’ve tried everything and still find that pet hair is all over your furniture and carpets, you could save yourself a lot of time and stress by simply matching the color of your home décor to the color of your pet’s fur. Although this isn’t really a solution to the problem, it can really cut down on the amount of difficulty you’ll face in eradicating loose hair, and if you’re already planning a new furniture purchase, or are arranging to redecorate anyway, you could take your pet’s fur color into consideration when making your decision.

Use Blankets

dog on sofa

If actually buying new furniture and changing your home décor to suit your pet is a touch too extreme for your tastes, why not just buy some blankets instead and drape them over sofas and chairs where your pets like to sit. That way, whenever they become too hairy they can simply be popped into the washing machine for easier clean ups.

Buy Pet-Proofed Bedding

If your dog or cat likes to sleep on your bed, that’s no longer a problem if you buy bedding that is water resistant, stain resistant and odor resistant. That way, you can confidently allow your four legged friend to relax on your bed without worrying about damage.


Top homemaking tips for new wives

angry vacuum photo

When you’re just starting out on your married life , it can be difficult to know what to do and how to make a house into a home. Here, we give new wives some helpful tips to hone their homemaking skills and to make sure that their home is a welcoming and organized place to live.

Forge A Routine

An organized and inviting home doesn’t just happen, it must be planned. Devising a routine or schedule that works for you is essential to making sure that everything gets done and that nothing essential gets forgotten. Plan your week in advance, deciding on which days you will tackle each job so that you can spread your workload across the course of the week. Each task that is ticked off will be one step closer to achieving your goals and will give you a great sense of satisfaction. Once your routine is well established, your home will run like a well oiled machine, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Be An Early Riser

couple on bed

While it may be tempting to stay in bed for as long as possible, this is never the best idea. The early bird catches the worm, as they say, and early rising is the key to getting things done. Successful people are those who rise early, getting a headstart on the day. Whether you use that time to accomplish some of your essential tasks, or whether you take this time to focus on yourself, an early morning will enable you to maximize your potential.


Plan Your Menu

menu planner

Making last minute decisions about what to eat almost always leads to poor choices, both in terms of health and finances. Buying takeout food or shopping at the last moment leads to buying unhealthy fast food and snack items which are expensive. When you plan your weekly menu well in advance, you’ll know in plenty of time what you need to have in your cupboards and you’ll have enough time to buy everything you need without having to rush out to pick up essential ingredients. Planning your menu in advance will also ensure that you plan healthy, proper meals that are better for your health.

Develop A Cleaning Schedule

Without a cleaning schedule, there’s a good chance that jobs won’t get done or that you’ll end up getting backed up with tons to do at once. When you develop a coherent cleaning schedule, you’ll know exactly on which day you’ll be tackling each chore and when you’ve planned it all out you won’t feel overwhelmed at any point. You’ll be able to spread out the essential tasks throughout the week for a more even balance. If possible, try to include all household members in the schedule so that you can delegate all of the key jobs that need to be done.

Choose The Right Cleaning Equipment

woman vacuuming carpet

Even with the best will in the world, no home can ever be completely spotless, especially if you have pets or children. However aiming for an orderly and neat atmosphere is a good idea if you want to avoid the stress of a cluttered and unattractive environment. Our modern lives are very busy, and trying to fit everything in isn’t always easy, but even at the most hectic times, you should still strive to keep the key areas of your home clean and tidy.

The front entryway, living room and kitchen are important zones to keep on top of, not least because when you come home after a stressful day you want to get the impression of cleanliness and order from the moment you walk in the door.  If you choose the right cleaning equipment, you’ll find that the time taken to get these key areas clean will take half the time and be a lot less labor intensive. Choosing a powerful vacuum cleaner that has been designed to cope with the pressures of a family home is a sensible idea so that your floors remain free of debris, pet hair and crumbs. If you need some advice about how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, click on this link to find out about the best options on the market.

Decluttering And Organizing

A cluttered home is a stressful home, and having to wade through piles of junk to find the items you need is an ongoing battle. It’s important to always stay on top of potential clutter as it can accumulate very quickly, especially in a family home. Opened mail, toys, magazines and notes from school often end up cluttering up counters and coffee tables, so finding a storage or filing solution makes sense. By getting together a few boxes or developing a convenient filing system, you can make sure that all items are stored out of sight until they can be sorted, but the true key to decluttering is to set at least one day a week aside for going through everything and making sure that it has been put into its proper place.

Cultivate A Positive Attitude

If you’re always moaning or complaining, your home will never be a happy one, so having the right positive attitude can go a long way towards making your house a more pleasant place to live. No matter how tempted you may be to whinge on difficult days, you should strive to break the habit of always looking for something to complain about and instead search for things to be grateful for. A homemaker who has a warm and loving attitude will make their home more inviting than any fancy or organized house could ever be.

If you are brand new to being a homemaker, by following these helpful tips you’ll find that your new role in life is a breeze. Although it won’t be easy, you will continue to develop new skills and hone the ones that you already have until being the best homemaker that you can be is just second nature.


Ways to maintain your vacuum cleaner

cat under carpetA high quality vacuum cleaner will ensure that your carpets and rugs remain free of dirt, dust and grime for a long time, as long as you care for it properly. However, the main problem is that the majority of people fail to carry out routine maintenance on their vacuum. This is not always because they cannot be bothered, but more often because they are unaware of what they actually need to do to care for their machine properly. There is certainly more to caring for a vacuum cleaner than just changing its bag or emptying its canister, so here we have put together a few handy maintenance tips for caring for your vacuum that make the process simple and quick but which will prolong the life of your cleaner so that you can enjoy many years of long and efficient service.

Empty The Canister And Change The Bag Regularly

Although the majority of people are aware that they must change their vacuum’s dust bag or empty its canister whenever it is full, they don’t know that it is beneficial for their machine if the bag is changed on a regular basis on a specific day instead. If you wait until the canister or bag is completely full, there is a chance that the debris will become backed up into the vacuum’s inner system and this could cause a host of problems in the machines air flow system.

It is even possible that this type of blockage could cause damage to the machine’s engine, and therefore in order to avoid costly repairs, it is very important to carry out this task routinely. If you find that choosing a specific day for replacing the bag is not effective for you, or is wasting too many bags, an alternative idea is to wait until your vacuum is around three quarters full before you change it.

Keep The Brush Clean

checking the vacuum

If you turn your vacuum cleaner over and look at its brush, you will probably be amazed by the amount of debris that is tangled up in it. A surprisingly large amount of hair, strings, pet fur and other kinds of debris will become caught in the bristles of your vacuum’s brush head over time and this results in the brush spinning at a slower rate than it should. This will, of course, have a negative effect on the vacuum’s cleaning power and if the tangling in the brush is especially bad, it could possibly burn the belt out meaning that you will need to purchase a new one.

The good news is that the brush is very simple to clean. Simply turn your vacuum cleaner upside down and use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut through the strings and hair that are in the bristles. If you need to, you can use a screwdriver to release the screws that hold the brush in place to remove it in order to achieve a more effective clean.

Regularly Check Your Vacuum’s Belt

guy checking the vacuum

The belt is one of the key components of your vacuum cleaner since it powers the brush that cleans your floor. Therefore, you need to check it on a regular basis to ensure that it is not wearing through. The vacuum belt can easily be found in the center of the brush. When you check it, it should feel taut and strong within the unit. If it is looking frayed or melted, or feels like it is loose inside the machine, you must replace it straight away to ensure that your machine is operating at its full capacity.

If you notice a burning smell whenever you run your vacuum cleaner, you should also check the belt since it could be a sign that the belt is wearing through. If you use your machine on a regular basis, you should always replace the belt at least once every 6 months to prevent problems from occurring.

Clean And Replace The Filters

maintaining the vacuum

The filters are the part of your vacuum cleaner which collect all of the dust, debris and other particles and therefore, cleaning them regularly is key to achieving a good quality clean of your carpets. A dirty filter can have a serious impact on how well your vacuum can clean, and one that is very dirty will have an equal effect on your vacuum as a full dust bag or canister would. Therefore, you should always take care to either clean or replace the vacuum filters a minimum of once every 6 months to ensure that your vacuum functions at full capacity.

Clean Out All Debris, Dirt And Dust From Inside The Vacuum’s System

Inevitably, most vacuum cleaners will accumulate dirt and dust inside their system over time, however allowing the dirt to remain inside the vacuum for an extended period could cause damage to the unit. Therefore, it makes sense to use another vacuum cleaner to clean out your vacuum’s lines at least once per year and to wipe out its housing at the same time.

Check inside the vacuum’s hose to ensure that there are no large impacted balls of clogged hair or pet fur as these can prevent your vacuum from picking up the dust and dirt effectively from your floors. You may be able to remove these more effectively if you remove the hose from the machine and beat it against a soft surface over a sink to catch the falling loose dust and dirt.

If you have tried all of these above suggestions and tips and your vacuum is still not working properly, it may be time to invest in a new machine. Even the best quality vacuum cleaners will not last forever, and therefore, if maintenance is no longer enough to preserve the life of your unit, it is time to shop around for a replacement. Visit our homepage and get all of the helpful advice you need to choose the best possible vacuum to suit your needs.


Alternatives to traditional vacuum cleaners

dog on wood floorThere are many ways to clean your floors, and while a traditional vacuum cleaner may be the first thought that pops into your head, there are actually other alternatives which produce very good results and which can help you to save on your energy bills. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to keep your floors spotless, here are some alternatives that you could try on the various surfaces around your home.

Carpet Sweepers

Carpet sweepers have been around for a long time, and in fact they date all the way back to the 1880s. These lightweight push along devices are able to clean your carpet by picking up all of the loose particles which are lying on your carpet’s surface. Carpet sweepers are perfect for use on low pile carpets which have a lot of surface debris, however they are not great at picking up difficult to remove particles such as pet hair. They also cannot remove stains on your flooring, so if you have spilled something on the carpet, this is not the best alternative to using a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Lint Rollers

When you have hair, fuzz and dust to remove from your carpet, a lint roller is the perfect solution. Easy to use, a lint roller is simple rolled over the surface of the carpet to pick up these sticky particles. However, if you have a liquid spillage on your flooring, a lint roller is ineffective in removing the stains. To rectify the problem, dry cleaning may be required, or alternative a professional clean.

Broom And Beating

The most traditional way of all to clean your carpets is to use a broom to sweep up any particles on the surface of your floor. This is an ideal method for carpets that have a lot of visible debris such as pieces of food or large clumps of mud from dirty shoes. However, as this is quite a labor intensive task, you may not want to use this method for cleaning large areas of floor or your whole house since it is tiring and time consuming. Once all of the large particles have been swept away, dust can be removed from the carpet by beating it. While this does not remove any stains that may be on the flooring, if your carpet has no visible marks, brushing and beating it will make it look spotless. If you intend to clean your carpet using this method, the best idea is to do it on a very regular basis to cut down on the amount of time the task will take to complete.

Mopping And Cleaning With Soap Or Industrial Detergent

mop and cleaning detergent

If you have a stained and marked carpet, none of the other alternatives mentioned here so far will be effective in returning it to its original pristine condition. However, this solution could be the perfect answer. Simply mix soap or industrial detergent with water in a bucket, dip a mop in it and mop your carpets. While you may be more used to mopping a hardwood, vinyl or laminate floor, you can also mop carpets too. The key is to dampened the stained parts of your carpet with the mop first in order to soak up the stain before moving on to the rest of the carpet. Once you have covered the whole carpet, you can return to the stained part and mop the stain up fully. In most cases, you will find that the stain will, be fully removed, however if it is not, you may need to arrange for a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain. This method of cleaning carpets is also suitable for removing a heavy layer of dust.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner?

man cleaning the carpet

While these alternatives may be ideal if you are trying to cut back on your energy consumption or want to find an eco-friendly way to clean your flooring, there are many reasons why you might want to simply opt for the traditional vacuum cleaner instead. Here are some of the major advantages to choosing to clean your carpets with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Vacuum cleaners save you energy and time, especially if you need to clean a large area of your floor. Other methods are often much more labor intensive and time consuming.
  • Vacuum cleaners are user friendly and simple to operate. All that is required is to plug the machine into a power outlet and move it around the floor area that you want to vacuum. There is no need to learn any complex techniques.
  • Vacuuming with a traditional vacuum cleaner removes all fine particles and allergens as well as larger debris. This means that those who suffer from respiratory problems and allergies are less likely to suffer from the effects of having a dusty carpet.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner?

dog scared at vacuum

Although there are numerous benefits of using a traditional vacuum cleaner, there are a few reasons why some people prefer to look for suitable alternatives. Here are some of the disadvantages of using a vacuum cleaner.

  • Traditional vacuum cleaners are noisy to use, which could be a problem in a noise sensitive environment
  • Vacuum cleaners cost more to buy in the first place
  • When cleaning a small space, it may be necessary to remove the vacuuming head in order to work easily in the room and this could be inconvenient.

All of the alternative methods suggested above are ideal when working with a small carpet or area rug, or when cleaning a medium or small surface. However, if there is a large surface in your home that you need to clean, you may prefer to opt for a traditional vacuum cleaner instead as this will make the task a lot simpler and quicker to accomplish.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that is quick and easy to take anywhere around your home and which is lightweight enough to carry, even upstairs, you may want to consider investing in a portable vacuum. Check out this website to find out some of the best models on the market today.