How to deal with problem pet hair

dog on floorWe love our furry friends but we don’t love the pet hair that comes along with them. Cats and dogs make fantastic companions but unfortunately their hair and dander can become engrained in carpets and rugs, and it can be extremely difficult to remove. While brushing it can remove most of the hair, it is a very labor intensive job and can be extremely time consuming too. If you, or any of your family, suffers from respiratory problems, asthma or allergies, removing problem pet hair is even more important to prevent unpleasant reactions that can impact on your quality of life. Here are some top tips for dealing with pet hair problems.

Using Dishwashing Gloves

Simply pop on a pair of dishwashing gloves, dampen them and rub your hands over your upholstery. The friction produced attracts pet hair, making your surfaces clean and hair free.

Rubber Broom

While you could use an ordinary sweeping brush to remove pet hair, the task is substantially easier if you opt for a rubber broom instead. The bristles use the power of static electricity to cause the pet hair to be attracted to the brush and off your carpets and upholstery.

Pet Hair Removal Mitts

Some manufacturers have now realised the need to remove the pet hair problem before it actually has the chance to come off your pet and onto your surfaces. They have therefore developed special pet hair removal mitts that can be worn while stroking your pet. These gloves have rubber bristles that feel nice to your pet and which also attract loose hairs at the same time so that your cat or dog will enjoy being pampered while you save yourself an extra job.

Lint Roller

A lint roller may be best known for removing fluff from your clothing, but it also works really well on pet hair. Lint rollers are not only reusable for great value for money, but they are also really easy to care for. Simply run your roller under a tap to get it clean ready for the next use.

Dryer Balls And Sheets

Dryer Balls And Sheets

If you’re having problems with loose pet hairs all over your clothing, you can pop some dryer sheets or balls into your tumble dryer with your laundry. This will work to remove static and loosen the clinging pet hair so that you can confidently wear your wardrobe.

Use A Fabric Softener

An alternative to using tumble dryer sheets is to put some fabric softener into your wash. This will combat the static cling which can cause pet hairs to stick to your your clothing so that your tops and trousers can remain hair free.

Frequent Grooming

If you have a long haired pet who sheds regularly, bathing them on a regular basis and brushing daily will help to catch any hair that is in the process of shedding before it can cover your furniture.

Use Your Hands

If you’re after an economical option and don’t have a lot of hair to clean up, simply put water on your hands and then wipe them over any item covered with hair. The hair will become heavier, forming a ball, and you can then remove it with ease.

Use A Vacuum

girl using vacuum

While using a vacuum to remove pet hair on your floor is an obvious choice, most people don’t know that they can vacuum their pet too. Invest in an attachment which enables you to collect any excess hair while brushing your pet. You’ll clean up much more quickly while preventing the worst of the shedding. You should also try to vacuum all of your floors several times each week as this will prevent accumulation of hair in the carpet’s fibers and give it a reduced chance of embedding itself more firmly.

If you need some advice about choosing the right vacuum cleaner to suit your needs, click on https://bestcheapvacuum.club and learn more about the top performing machines on the market. There are also many handheld units available for purchase which are portable and which can be carried easily around your home for quick clean up jobs. They can also be used outside the home, for example on your car seats when pets have been along for the ride.

Sellotape And Velcro Curlers

A low tech but surprisingly effective way of removing pet hair from your upholstery, carpets and clothing is to simply use some Velcro hair curlers. Rub them over any surface that you wish to de-fuzz and then use some sellotape to peel the fur off.

Use A Dry Sponge

It may sound counterintuitive but by using a dry, or slightly damp sponge, you can loosen dropped fur so that it can be collected and made into a ball.

Camouflage Techniques

If you’ve tried everything and still find that pet hair is all over your furniture and carpets, you could save yourself a lot of time and stress by simply matching the color of your home décor to the color of your pet’s fur. Although this isn’t really a solution to the problem, it can really cut down on the amount of difficulty you’ll face in eradicating loose hair, and if you’re already planning a new furniture purchase, or are arranging to redecorate anyway, you could take your pet’s fur color into consideration when making your decision.

Use Blankets

dog on sofa

If actually buying new furniture and changing your home décor to suit your pet is a touch too extreme for your tastes, why not just buy some blankets instead and drape them over sofas and chairs where your pets like to sit. That way, whenever they become too hairy they can simply be popped into the washing machine for easier clean ups.

Buy Pet-Proofed Bedding

If your dog or cat likes to sleep on your bed, that’s no longer a problem if you buy bedding that is water resistant, stain resistant and odor resistant. That way, you can confidently allow your four legged friend to relax on your bed without worrying about damage.