Ways to maintain your vacuum cleaner

cat under carpetA high quality vacuum cleaner will ensure that your carpets and rugs remain free of dirt, dust and grime for a long time, as long as you care for it properly. However, the main problem is that the majority of people fail to carry out routine maintenance on their vacuum. This is not always because they cannot be bothered, but more often because they are unaware of what they actually need to do to care for their machine properly. There is certainly more to caring for a vacuum cleaner than just changing its bag or emptying its canister, so here we have put together a few handy maintenance tips for caring for your vacuum that make the process simple and quick but which will prolong the life of your cleaner so that you can enjoy many years of long and efficient service.

Empty The Canister And Change The Bag Regularly

Although the majority of people are aware that they must change their vacuum’s dust bag or empty its canister whenever it is full, they don’t know that it is beneficial for their machine if the bag is changed on a regular basis on a specific day instead. If you wait until the canister or bag is completely full, there is a chance that the debris will become backed up into the vacuum’s inner system and this could cause a host of problems in the machines air flow system.

It is even possible that this type of blockage could cause damage to the machine’s engine, and therefore in order to avoid costly repairs, it is very important to carry out this task routinely. If you find that choosing a specific day for replacing the bag is not effective for you, or is wasting too many bags, an alternative idea is to wait until your vacuum is around three quarters full before you change it.

Keep The Brush Clean

checking the vacuum

If you turn your vacuum cleaner over and look at its brush, you will probably be amazed by the amount of debris that is tangled up in it. A surprisingly large amount of hair, strings, pet fur and other kinds of debris will become caught in the bristles of your vacuum’s brush head over time and this results in the brush spinning at a slower rate than it should. This will, of course, have a negative effect on the vacuum’s cleaning power and if the tangling in the brush is especially bad, it could possibly burn the belt out meaning that you will need to purchase a new one.

The good news is that the brush is very simple to clean. Simply turn your vacuum cleaner upside down and use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut through the strings and hair that are in the bristles. If you need to, you can use a screwdriver to release the screws that hold the brush in place to remove it in order to achieve a more effective clean.

Regularly Check Your Vacuum’s Belt

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The belt is one of the key components of your vacuum cleaner since it powers the brush that cleans your floor. Therefore, you need to check it on a regular basis to ensure that it is not wearing through. The vacuum belt can easily be found in the center of the brush. When you check it, it should feel taut and strong within the unit. If it is looking frayed or melted, or feels like it is loose inside the machine, you must replace it straight away to ensure that your machine is operating at its full capacity.

If you notice a burning smell whenever you run your vacuum cleaner, you should also check the belt since it could be a sign that the belt is wearing through. If you use your machine on a regular basis, you should always replace the belt at least once every 6 months to prevent problems from occurring.

Clean And Replace The Filters

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The filters are the part of your vacuum cleaner which collect all of the dust, debris and other particles and therefore, cleaning them regularly is key to achieving a good quality clean of your carpets. A dirty filter can have a serious impact on how well your vacuum can clean, and one that is very dirty will have an equal effect on your vacuum as a full dust bag or canister would. Therefore, you should always take care to either clean or replace the vacuum filters a minimum of once every 6 months to ensure that your vacuum functions at full capacity.

Clean Out All Debris, Dirt And Dust From Inside The Vacuum’s System

Inevitably, most vacuum cleaners will accumulate dirt and dust inside their system over time, however allowing the dirt to remain inside the vacuum for an extended period could cause damage to the unit. Therefore, it makes sense to use another vacuum cleaner to clean out your vacuum’s lines at least once per year and to wipe out its housing at the same time.

Check inside the vacuum’s hose to ensure that there are no large impacted balls of clogged hair or pet fur as these can prevent your vacuum from picking up the dust and dirt effectively from your floors. You may be able to remove these more effectively if you remove the hose from the machine and beat it against a soft surface over a sink to catch the falling loose dust and dirt.

If you have tried all of these above suggestions and tips and your vacuum is still not working properly, it may be time to invest in a new machine. Even the best quality vacuum cleaners will not last forever, and therefore, if maintenance is no longer enough to preserve the life of your unit, it is time to shop around for a replacement. Visit our homepage and get all of the helpful advice you need to choose the best possible vacuum to suit your needs.