Which are the budget vacuum cleaners under $200 in 2017? check out our picks!

If you can afford to spend over $100 for your new vacuum, you’ll break into a price range with greater variety, better reliability ratings, and vacuums with a noticeable improvement in quality.

These vacuums have more attachments, smarter design features, and are less disposable than vacuums under the $100 mark.

However, there are also quite a few vacuums in this price range that are just pricier versions of cheaper budget models!

It can be hard to tell which vacuums give you more bang for your buck, and which are a waste of your hard-earned cash.

We get it. That’s why we’ve put the time and energy in to figure out which vacuums are the best bets for under $200! We chose these vacuums for their power, versatility, and cost-effectiveness!

You’ll find our comprehensive, in-depth reviews of our favorite vacuums under $200 below. We’ve also included a few pointers on shopping for a vacuum in this price range at the bottom of the page.

Selected models:

– BISSELL Cleanview
– Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional
– Shark Rotator

Reviews of the Vacuum Cleaners Under $200

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

favorite vacuum under $200

The Navigator Professional is Shark’s most popular vacuum ever. It’s also Amazon’s #1 best-selling upright vacuum!

It’s an upright vacuum which lifts away to become a canister hybrid for cleaning hardwoods and above the floor.

We love it for its versatility. Its 2-in-1 design provides a lot of bang for very few bucks!


The carpet brush head is fully powered. That’s essential for cleaning medium to high carpets and rugs. It’s a big plus for us on the Shark, seeing as $300+ vacuums from Dyson and other makers have only air-driven carpet brushes!

Previous buyers said it’s very effective: “WOW…You would not believe how much hair it pulled from the carpet. I was amazed! I think you will be pleased.”

The Navigator also features Shark’s Dust-Away hard floor attachment. This combines a suction head with a microfiber sweeper pad to provide a gentle but thorough clean for your hardwoods and tiles. The suction head sucks up all the dirt and hair, and the microfiber traps all the tiny dust particles that are stuck to your floors. Plus, it gives wood floors a buffing as you vacuum!

Both the carpet head and the Dust-Away hard floor attachment have swivel neck joints, for better maneuverability.

The sealed air system means you’ll never lose suction power, no matter how full the dustbin gets. Plus, the Shark’s filter system provides HEPA-certified filtration for your air! The filters can be washed in the sink indefinitely, so there’s no upkeep cost.

The power cord is one of the longest on the market, at 30 feet. That’s plenty of range to clean from room to room and up your stairs with ease.

The Professional has an extra-large dust bin, which empties via a button. You just hold it over the trash and open the trapdoor.


It’s top-heavy, and tips over easily. We’ve found that lots of budget-priced vacuums have poor balance, and are prone to falling over. You’ll have to lean them against things when you’re not working.

Some reviewers noted that the brush head is narrower than other upright vacuums. It’s somewhere between a stick vacuum and an upright. While it fits better into corners and between furniture, it also takes a bit longer to cover ground.

The dust bin is aligned over the carpet brush. Since the brush doesn’t protrude as much as other upright vacuums, the whole thing is harder to use under coffee tables and chairs, since the dust chamber sticks up so much and tends to bump against furniture.

2. Shark Rotator

crossover model

This Shark works on a similar footprint to the Navigator, with a Lift-Away design and full accessory set.

The more expensive Rotator provides the upgrade of a more powerful brush head, variable suction, and a pet hair brush. We think it’s a better all-around choice for people with larger houses and pets.


Like the other Lift-Away models, it’s 2 vacuums in one. You can use the Rotator as an upright, or detach the canister to use on hard floors or with the attachment hose.

The Rotator also comes with a shoulder strap, which is a big plus over the cheaper Lift-Away vacuums (like the Navigator above). Previous buyers love the versatile design.

This model allows you to control the suction power, which is a big upgrade over the Navigator. You can turn up suction when you need it, or turn it down to clean delicate rugs or upholstery.

Like the Navigator, the Rotator has a completely sealed air system, with full HEPA-grade filtration.

The motorized brush head is much the same as the one on the Navigator, except that the Rotator has headlights built in.

The Rotator also comes with Shark’s Dust-Away hard floor attachment. It’s a combination tool somewhere between a parquet vacuum head and a sweeper. The vacuum head takes care of any hair and dirt on your floors. Then, the microfiber sweeper pad follows behind to trap any tiny dust particles or stuck-on dirt.

We love the Dust-Away attachments on the Shark Lift-Away series, since they help with allergen control and also shine the floor as you vacuum!

The Rotator comes with the crevice tool and dusting brush that are sold with the Navigator above, and also has an upholstery tool for scrubbing off pet hair.

The added brush tool makes the Rotator a better choice for pet owners, since the Navigator doesn’t have any features to help you with upholstery or carpeted stairs.


It struggles with deep shag carpeting. Reviewers said long fibers get bunched up in the brush head, and jam the vacuum.

Some Rotator buyers had issues with reliability. They wrote in their reviews that they had mixed experiences with Shark’s customer service. While the company had reached out to these reviewers online, we’re not sure if the situations were resolved properly. Shark does have a fairly poor reputation for customer service overall.

3. BISSELL CleanView

affordably priced vacuum for carpets

This BISSELL CleanView with Reach provides some added range, thanks to a longer power cord and extension hose.

It’s powered by multi-cyclonic suction, and has a special 3-setting brush head to clean hard floors and deep carpets. We love it for its sheer power, as well as its little conveniences, like the easy-access power switch and retracting power cord.


Layered cyclonic suction gives the CleanView some serious cleaning oomph! The cyclonic system also helps keep air filters clear, since the cyclone draws finer dirt particles away from the motor area. Previous buyers were very impressed with the might of the BISSELL on their floors.

The special brush head features two types of bristles and 3 adjustable settings. The long, soft bristles help clean hardwoods and tiles without scratching the finish. The shorter, scrubbier bristles work into carpets and rugs to loosen hair and ground-in dirt.

It has a 27-foot power cord, for extra range. It retracts into the body automatically.

The power switch is conveniently located right on the handle. That may seem like a little touch, but since most cheap vacuums have power switches located annoyingly low on the body, we’re giving props to BISSELL for all of these convenient features!

The CleanView also features an air-powered turbo brush hand tool for cleaning carpeted stairs and fabric upholstery. Buyers said it’s great on stairs, since between the wand and the hose they had about 12 feet of reach.

It also comes with a standard crevice tool and dusting brush. All the attachments work off the 8-foot extension hose. That’s 2 feet longer than the basic CleanView models in the under-$100 range.

The multi-layered filtration system keeps fine dust particles and allergens from re-entering your air. We love the built-in suction indicator, which tells you when the filters are getting dirty and need to be cleaned.

The extra-large dustbin provides enough space to get you through your house. Then, you just press the release button over the trash to empty the container.

It’s covered by a 3-year warranty.


Some previous buyers found that the body tipped over easily when they were using the attachments.

It’s loud, like most cheap upright vacuums. Since the body is all plastic, it echoes pretty annoyingly.

Which Vacuum Under $200 is Good for Your Home?

The BISSELL is the best bet for people with mostly carpets in their home.

It’s the most powerful of the three, with its cyclonic suction system.

It also has the widest, most versatile carpet head. With multiple settings and several types of bristles, it’s more effective on carpets and rugs than the Rotator or the Navigator.

The BISSELL is also the least expensive of our recommendations. However, it’s not great on hard floors, since you can’t turn the brushes completely off.

The Shark Navigator is an affordable alternative for people who have a mix of carpets and hard flooring.

It’s not as powerful as the BISSELL, but does a much better job on hardwoods and tile, thanks to the sweeper attachment.

Plus, its Lift-Away function gives you better maneuverability on stairs and awkward spaces.

The Rotator provides a few upgrades over the Navigator that make it worth the extra investment.

It comes with adjustable suction, floor brush headlights, and includes a shoulder strap and an upholstery tool, which the Navigator doesn’t come with. Its added features and extra versatility make the Rotator our top quality choice for people with a mix of flooring.

How to Shop for a Cheap Vacuum Under $200

Look for more powerful suction:

Vacuums in this price range generally have “no-loss” suction systems. These are designed to keep on sucking even if the filters get a bit dirty. They use an unfiltered intake feed to make sure you’re always getting plenty of power upfront.

Vacuums above $100 also start to introduce cyclonic suction. These systems are more powerful than traditional vacuums.

They also do a better job of directing fine dirt and dust away from the filters and into the bin where it belongs. This keeps your filters cleaner, and means you won’t have to clean them as frequently.

Look for HEPA filtration:

Many vacuums above $100 offer HEPA filtration.

These air systems are completely sealed. They’ll trap all the microscopic allergens from your house in the vacuum, without releasing any back into your air.

This makes your air cleaner and healthier for people with allergies. HEPA filtration is a great feature for pet owners and family members who have asthma or are prone to allergic reactions.

Expect better attachments, and more of them:

Vacuums in this price range should all come with at least a few basic attachments, like a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery attachment.

You can also find a few uprights, like the BISSELL featured here, with turbo brushes for upholstery and carpeted stairs.

In general, attachments for vacuums in this price range are more durable and more ergonomic to use than the cheaper models.